Feb 25th at 6:30 NYPHP Presents: Web Services and Security

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Fri Feb 21 15:21:48 EST 2003

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This will be another packed meeting, with a lot of material to cover.  Please
arrive on time and RSVP.

New York PHP Presents...

February 25th, 2003 @ 6:30pm at Digital Pulp, Inc.

"Implementing Web Services"
"Web Application Security Vulnerabilities"

Another great New York PHP meeting is lined up for this Feburary.

PHP Cookbook co-authors Adam Trachtenberg and David Sklar discuss two
important PHP programming topics: "Implementing Web Services" and "Web
Application Security Vulnerabilities." Adam explores the nuts and bolts of
creating your own affiliate store using SOAP and REST for data
retrieval and PHP's XML tools for formatting and display, while David
demonstrates how to protect your web applications from common attacks by
careless or malicious users.

And thanks to O'Reilly, David and Adam, you'll be able to win this and other
great books at our meeting, so be sure to join us for the book giveaway.

As always this meeting is free and open to the public, with complete meeting
and location details at  -  and please be sure to RSVP at so we can prepare enough seating and drinks.

I'd also like to point out that there is now PHP and AMP Technology Training
for the Tri-State area.  Please see for

Thank you,

Hans Zaunere
President, New York PHP
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