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This will be another packed meeting, with a lot of material to cover.  Please
arrive on time, RSVP and see below for special offers and technical resources
from O'Reilly.

February 25th, 2003 @ 6:30pm at Digital Pulp, Inc.
"Implementing Web Services"
"Web Application Security Vulnerabilities"

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Below is a huge variety of free online technical resources, codes for 20% off
books and conferences, and events from O'Reilly, including New York PHP's own
meeting with Adam Trachtenberg & David Sklar tomorrow.  Please don't hesiate
to contact me with any further inquires.

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***Adam Trachtenberg and David Sklar ("PHP Cookbook") will be at the
New York PHP User Group meeting February 25.  
They will discuss two important PHP programming topics: "Implementing
Web Services" and "Web Application Security Vulnerabilities." 
Please RSVP at

Tuesday, February 25th, 6:30pm
Digital Pulp, Inc.  
220 East 23rd Street, Suite 900 (9th floor)
New York, NY

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***Registration is open for the 2003 O'Reilly Emerging Technology
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***Oracle Cross Tab Views: A Case for Code
Tom Birch makes a case for coding when he explores both the power and
the limits of Oracle's Cross Tab query for turning data in a report
from vertical to horizontal.

For coverage on the full range of Oracle SQL features, check out
O'Reilly's "Mastering Oracle SQL." 
Order Number: 1290

Open Source
***Christoph Reichenbach and Lars Skovlund on FreeSCI
The FreeSCI project seeks to bring life back to Sierra On-Line's
adventure games. What kind of pitfalls have the developers faced in
reverse engineering the engine?

*** Survey-Got a Minute?
We could use your help. We'd like to hear what topics you like, what
you'd like more of, and what you're working on. Give us a hand on our
survey and you'll be eligible to win in our survey drawing. The winners
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***Parsing and Writing QuickTime Files in Java
QuickTime files in Java is easy, if you understand the file format.
Chris Adamson argues that it makes a lot of sense. This article
explains how the file format works, demonstrating how to read and write
to QT files.

***Plumbing the Depths of the ThreadAbortException Using Rotor
Chris Sells was asked the other day how calling Thread.Abort could
raise an exception in a completely different thread. Finding the answer
led him on a merry chase.

Chris is coauthor of the upcoming "Mastering Visual Studio .NET"
Order Number: 3609

***Five Quick Tips for Using XSLT
Like so many acronyms before it, XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language
Transformations) comes across as YAOT--Yet Another Obfuscated
Technology. But it doesn't have to be that way. XSLT promises many
advantages when applied to the right problems. All you need is a quick
guide on using the XSLT basics.

***FreeBSD Basics
Dru Lavigne provides practical advice for completing common tasks under

***Securing Your TiBook (or Any Other Mac OS X Machine)
Here's how to make your Mac OS X laptop just a bit more secure by
enabling a BIOS password, and by plugging some of the local and network
openings. Ian Darwin takes you deep into your Mac's firmware and shows
you how.

***Introduction to FileMaker Pro
In this first installment in our new FileMaker Pro series, we introduce
you to this polished, powerful relational database. Alan Graham sets
the table for things to come.

***Six Great Tips for Homemade Dot Mac Servers
Now that you have your own Dot Mac server up and running, here are six
new things you can do with it -- including "iTunes Central," "iPhoto
online," and the "Safari Rendezvous mod."

Alan Graham is a contributor to the upcoming "Mac OS X Hacks"
Order Number: 4605

Announcements From Your Peers
***Attention Java and Sun ONE users
Sun Microsystems, Inc. offers a free bulletin board for Java User
Groups. Post information about your group and upcoming meetings, or
search for a group to join. You can also look up information about
upcoming Sun sponsored JUG events, the JUG Ambassador program, and
other JUG resources.  Just visit the JUGs web site at

Did you know that Sun Microsystems, Inc. sponsors regional User Groups
for several Sun ONE products? Visit the Sun Software User Groups web
site for membership details:

***Biotechnology discussion group looking for members-- St. Louis, MO
The St. Louis Section of the American Chemical Society
( is forming a biotechnology discussion
group, to meet occasionally and discuss computational biology, analysis
of genomic and proteomic data, and biomedical information and related
topics.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Lisa Balbes
at lisa at for more details.

***LinuxFest Northwest--Bellingham, WA
This regional exposition for computer users interested in the Linux
operating system and other Open Source software, will be held on April
26 at Bellingham Technical College (BTC) in Bellingham, Washington.
This event is being organized by Linux User Groups from Bellingham,
Kitsap Peninsula, Seattle, and Tacoma, and hosted by BTC. Admission to
the event is free.  John "Maddog" Hall will be featured as the keynote
speaker. Events will include  introductory to advanced lectures and
tutorials presented by Open Source experts.  For more info go to:

Hans Zaunere
President, New York PHP
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