Special Offer for NYPHP Members

New York PHP contact at
Mon Mar 10 17:32:24 EST 2003

Zend and New York PHP have teamed up to offer a remarkable opportunity to
those interested in Enterprise development with Zend Studio.

Zend Studio 2.6 Plus is loaded with new features and enhancements
(, including 1 year of

If you order by March 15th and use special offer code NYPHP26 you'll save
over $50.  Plus, Zend will give $30 back to the NYPHP Community to help
support meeting and event costs!

Order at and be sure to use
special code NYPHP26 to receive the discount and support your NYPHP

Details, including links to more information and features of Zend Studio, are
available at

Thank you,

New York PHP
contact at

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