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Tue May 19 09:15:23 EDT 2009

We've got some interesting and exciting events coming up this week.

First up is the NYPHP TestFest on May 23rd - see full details at  We're looking forward to a strong turnout and even
if you're a new developer, come by to learn and network.

Next up is a special event by the Semantic Web Meetup.  This month special
guests will be talking about PHP, LAMP, and the semantic web.

Full details and register online:

PHP and the Semantic Web - Easy RDF and SPARQL for LAMP systems

Semantic technologies and standards are maturing and start to spread from
research prototypes and enterprise tools to public web sites and mainstream
online applications. With scripting languages traditionally being popular in
the web developer community, the demand for PHP coders with RDF skills is
about to rise significantly. Now is a good time to explore the new
possibilities of the forthcoming Data Web and how they can be efficiently
utilized in LAMP environments. This talk will provide an overview of
SPARQL-based web scripting with ARC and Trice, market opportunities for PHP
developers, available toolkits, and lessons learned.

Benjamin Nowack is a long-time member of the RDF community, founder of
semantic web company Semsol (, and a pioneer in utilizing
RDF technology for agency-level web projects. He is the maintainer of ARC (a
pure PHP/MySQL RDF toolkit) and Trice (a web application framework based on
ARC). Semsol's practical solutions won several international awards, such as
the Semantic Scripting Challenge and the Semantic Web Challenge. Benjamin
contributed to the W3C Semantic Web Education and Outreach Interest Group
(SWEO) as an Invited Expert.  A detailed profile is available at

Reasoning on the web of linked data with OWLIM - Semantic Repository

OWLIM is a native RDF database with inference support. Short after its first
release in 2004, it started setting performance and scalability benchmarks
that advanced the frontiers for semantic repositories. Nowadays OWLIM is a
mature database, proven in applications ranging from life sciences to
financial intelligence and patent search. It can deal with 1B statements on
a desktop and 10B statements on a sub-$10,000 server. Linked Data Semantic
Repository (LDSR) represents a reason-able view to the web of linked data.
Several of the central datasets of the Linking Open Data (LOD) project were
selected and loaded in OWLIM. Reasoning was performed to "materialize" all
the facts that could be inferred from this data. The talk will briefly
present the latest version of OWLIM and provide insider's view on LDSR. With
its 358M explicit and 512M inferred statement, LDSR is probably the most
scalable common sense reasoning experiment. 

Atanas Kiryakov is founder and CEO of Ontotext ( -
provider of core semantic technology distinctive for its performance, scale,
and compliance with open standards. It's major products are OWLIM (see
above) and KIM (the most popular semantic annotation and search platform).
Kiryakov joined Sirma as a software engineer in 1993 to become partner and
member of the board later on and found Ontotext lab in year 2000. He led
Ontotext in research projects with total budget above 100 MEuro, which
allowed it to invest above 150 man-years in product development. In 2008 VC
fund NEVEQ acquired a minority share Ontotext in a deal for 2.5M EURO.

See you at both of these exciting events!

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