[nycphp-announce] next at bootup: Bootup 4, Nov 19th is More Than Just Web

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Thu Nov 12 13:35:17 EST 2009

We're pleased to announce Bootup #4, Nov. 19th at Sun Microsystems.
Newsletter, details, RSVP and more at - and we're not
just about the web.

Bootup events put startups in front of engineers and business professionals
to create a forum for analysis, the technical pitch, and team building
across disciplines.  As always, Bootup events are free and open to the

There's been a lot of progress and momentum since Bootup #3...

The most exciting is that we're NOT WEB SPECIFIC.  We've recognized the need
for a forum that includes other important sectors - environmental,
automotive, biotech, architectural, industrial, etc. - and we look forward
to engaging these scenes, in addition to web startups. now includes:

-- newsletter sign-up and RSVP

-- view past presentations

-- partnership, intern and hyper-local chapter platform
	- see

-- and hey, we've got a cool favicon

Plus much more to come - don't forget to RSVP and we'll let you know on the

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