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Wed Nov 15 15:01:34 EST 2006

We are seeking a LAMP developer to join our team:

Web Application Developer
The successful candidate is enthusiastic about building out the content
offerings and dynamic features of the site, and has done
significant web application programming development in the UnixUNIX
environments. You will work as part of a team to architect and build the
software that adds value to Nmakes, a site with an unparalleled
combination of scale and complexity, work.
Responsibilities include the following:
   Writing application and related database objects to enable users’
      dynamic interaction with the web site
   Integrating a diverse set of data sources, including related databases,
      search engines engine results and XML data to produce dynamic content
      on the web site.
   Integrating feeds from 3rd parties into the
      Content Management System

The ideal candidate must have high standards with regard to the finished
product, and must be concerned about the quality and maintainability of the
underlying software.  In addition, the ideal candidate possess the ability
to design systems, communicate and work effectively with others, write
scalable and high quality code, and deliver work on schedule.

Will be responsible for development and implementation regarding all search
pages and functions including the following:
   Implementing new designs.
   Enhancing and improving the relevance of search results.
   Incorporating a mapping solution.
   Managing third party feeds and making necessary improvements to the data
      handling process.
   Implementing new solutions for incorporating new vendor feeds.
   Developing a system for including event and venues content spotlights
      and developing a tool to allow editors to make modifications.
   Conduct research and analysis regarding possible new data sources.
   Supporting other business unit teams in their efforts to incorporate
      search within their pages.
   Managing any necessary changes to the reader reviews system for local

Necessary skills include the following:
   B.S./B.A. in Computer Science, or a degree in a related field plus
      Computer Science coursework, and 3-6 years Web development work
   Unix proficiency
   Experience with one or more scripting languages such as Perl, PHP and
   Strong working knowledge of RDBMS, SQL and basic database optimization
   Experience working with XML, XSL, XPath
   Comfort with Regular Expressions
   Ability to communicate effectively with business side clients to gather
      and translate functional specs
   Working knowledge of HTML, Javascript
   Experience working as part of a team
   Strong verbal and written communication skills

Desired skills include the following:
   Formal software development methodology
   Experience writing shared and reusable components of code
   Experience designing and tuning applications that can scale
   Some background in a structured programming language, such as Java or
   Oracle-specific SQL, PL/SQL
   Use of source control offers a range of job opportunities, from sales and research to
business development and customer service. We hire editors, producers, Web
designers, systems professionals and quality assurance engineers. We look
for people who know online advertising to people who can develop compelling
multimedia packages.

We offer a highly competitive salary and an impressive array of benefits,
including: comprehensive health coverage, 401(k) plan, employee stock
purchase plan, tuition assistance, and a bonus plan.

Please contact:
Laura Fredericksen
Technical Recruiter
fredeli at

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