[nycphp-jobs] Contract dev/designer wanted for CMS work

jh jonnyh at
Tue Jan 2 20:28:33 EST 2007

Very small Manhattan company sick of doing our own web stuff :)

Looking for a designer/dev that geeks out on one of the popular free CMS's
- we like Typo3, but we're open to suggestions - to create a basic CMS
and a mild site redesign (in other words, you'll have to work within
the constraints of an existing company identity to a large degree).

The successful candidate will have a number of successful sites
implemented in the target CMS that we can tour. We'd love to see, if
possible, how you integrate a WYSIWYGish editor with your style
sheets, and how you implemented a basic editorial approval workflow.

We've worked with indy designers and programmers before, and we're
pretty easy clients (or so we've  been told). We pay our bills
promptly, and we have references to back that up, FYI.

Please send responses to jonnyh at with the word CMSJOB in the
subject line.


Jonathan Hirschman
Relevant Evidence, LLC

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