[nycphp-jobs] job: Sr. PHP developer - startup - Union Square NYC

Joseph Crawford codebowl at
Thu Jul 17 11:56:43 EDT 2008

I have had both good and bad experiences with recruiters.  Probably  
the most recent was bad because they asked me if I would be interested  
in a position with a company, explained what was needed  
technologically.  I asked for more of a company background and what  
they were going to offer for benefits etc.  They responded send me  
your resume and I will disclose that.  I sent over my resume and was  
surprised when I got a response stating that they were going to submit  
me to the company.

I responded with the question again stating that I wanted to know more  
before being submitted and they responded with only a URL.

I am hoping that someone from the hiring company actually calls me so  
I can tell them they need to find a new recruiter.

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