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$10.00 an hour???

Not for $10.00.

Minimum wage just increased...  

You should get a volunteer.


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I am a fine art photographer based here in New York- I also run a pickup soccer group on the side. I am looking for someone with experience in the following areas to take over the maintenence and development of the soccer website (which utilizes databases and has e-commerce facets for the online registrations) and also to help me maintain my php mailing list for my photography site. 


I need someone ASAP for the soccer website! We are switching over to our fall season registrations soon and I need to talk to someone as soon as possible about this as I'm leaving the country next week! Please send all inquiries to me here: info at 


The soccer website url is: 


This is where I currently need the most help. 

The new registration has to go online by August 15th-

I am looking for someone with solid expertise in the following areas:


The skills you need are:




SSL certificates

credit card processing




The last person I worked with was a student with pretty solid knowledge who I paid $10/hour but he is no longer available to work on this. Thanks.




New York, NY



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