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When I have to spend a day working out hardware problems, no one is paying me for that time.  It's not easy to get a full 40 hours of billable time in one week.  You have to put in a lot more hours to bill that 40 hours -- business development, client development, administration, accounting, etc.

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Not only do you have to take benefits into consideration but you also have to take taxes into consideration so yes while you might actually bring in 120k per year you are not making that much.  If you are working under a 1099 you can bet on 33% (approx) going to taxes then you have to pay for health, medical, dental, office supplies etc. I would be surprised if you came out with $70,000 as income.  Keep in mind that you also have to pay utility bills such as cable, electricity, phone, these are all office related expenses.

33% of 124k is approx 41k going to taxes so I could see where Chris would get this figure.  I am sure he is accounting for more than just the benefits etc.

Joseph Crawford

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You are also in Mass. NYC is different.
Considering Chris’s blog equates 60/hr to 50K with benefits…I wouldn’t exactly call that the gold standard when it comes to figuring out consulting rates.
As someone noted in the comments section below where Chris called 60/hr fifty K with benefits. 60 per hour is approx 120K if you work the full year at that rate. So unless benefits cost 70K he is way off.
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I have 10 years of experience with php and I charge $60 per hour.  I have seen people charge upwards of $90 per hour with the same experience.  I would say someone with 3 years of solid experience (if they really know what they are doing) should expect $30 - $40 per hour when doing contracting.
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Related to this, I'd be interested in knowing what a PHP-MySQL coder (with maybe 3 years of good experience) would cost hourly in NY/NJ. This is for a freelance project relating to a social networking site. I expect there to be a couple of input forms, the routine social networking features such as commenting, rating, & the database design. The last is very crucial to me as I'd like the possibility of data to be mashed in assorted ways down the road. 

What should I reasonably expect to pay, & is hourly the best way to go?

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$10.00 an hour???
Not for $10.00.
Minimum wage just increased... 
You should get a volunteer.
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I am a fine art photographer based here in New York- I also run a pickup soccer group on the side. I am looking for someone with experience in the following areas to take over the maintenence and development of the soccer website (which utilizes databases and has e-commerce facets for the online registrations) and also to help me maintain my php mailing list for my photography site.
I need someone ASAP for the soccer website! We are switching over to our fall season registrations soon and I need to talk to someone as soon as possible about this as I'm leaving the country next week! Please send all inquiries to me here: info at
The soccer website url is:
This is where I currently need the most help.
The new registration has to go online by August 15th-
I am looking for someone with solid expertise in the following areas:
The skills you need are:
SSL certificates
credit card processing
The last person I worked with was a student with pretty solid knowledge who I paid $10/hour but he is no longer available to work on this. Thanks.
New York, NY


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