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Agreed all - let's keep comments useful and traffic to a minimum - not to
sound like a third grade teacher, but constructive criticism is welcomed and
benefits both job hunters and recruiters.  Having a good discussion with wit
is also important, but do remember that this list gets a lot of traffic for
a jobs list.


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> Gotta weigh in on the side of the wise-asses.  Brian's comment is well
> taken and it's true we don't want to discourage job posters.  On the
> other hand I think there's equally good if not better value in using
> this network to reality-check with each other once in a while.  Wise
> cracks not only keep things a bit fun but they also can reflect some
> truths about the market.  I wouldn't sleep well at night thinking the
> rest of you were unanimously going around thinking of yourselves in
> all earnestness as rockstars out to change the world with your passion
> to work 20 hours a day.  If we can have the slightest influence on
> employer's expectations by means of our sarcastic feedback, so much
> the better.
> John
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