[nycphp-jobs] End-to-end Facebook developer

Vidar Brekke vidarbrekke at
Wed Apr 28 16:49:31 EDT 2010

We got 2-3 Facebook apps to build over the next 2 months (and probably
a few more over the summer) and we need some help from a couple of
Facebook app developers.

We are looking for someone who are quick, self-sufficient and can
infer technical requirements and business logic from a conversation
over some wireframes.

You should be able to slice up photoshop to HTML/FBML and know how to
use javascript to get the job done. Experience with Flash on FB is a
plus, but not a requirement.

You'll be working from home/your office at your own schedule - just
need to be available for conversations and meet deadlines.

Interested?  email: Vidar Brekke /vidar at

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