[nycphp-jobs] Seeking Freelance PHP Developer for 30 hrs / week

Beatrice Weiss bweiss at
Thu Aug 19 10:45:01 EDT 2010


You: Have more that 3 years of experience coding complex websites

You: Learned PHP for the long-haul, not because it was the easiest
language to make some quick cash

You: Aren't an expert in OOP, but you've used some of PHP5's OOP
features and like them a lot

You: Use one or two PHP frameworks that you have become proficient in,
and you have at least tested Kohana out

You: Think about your code like a chess game, anticipating how each
line will effect other parts of your codebase; your foresight
minimizes debugging time becuase you often avoid the bugs as you code

You: Style your code consistently and add comments generously; you can
anticipate a great one-liner causing confusion for a future developer
and care enough to clarify your intent

You: Passionately dislike working with other people's spaghetti code,
but you love watching the script run 10x faster after you've cleaned
up their mess

You: Have managed large projects using SVN and always leave a comment
when committing files

You: Set up your local machine so that each of your projects runs on a
different domain; the location of the windows hosts file is etched
into your memory

You: Can jump into Wordpress code and make it much better, despite the
fact that you think it's messy

You: Can debug complicated MySQL queries, know when indexes make sense
(and in what order to create them), and use transactions frequently
and intelligently

You: Have tested random websites for SQL injection vulnerabilities
because they looked so poorly developed that you figured they'd be

You: Question the wisdom of the programmer that protected his website
form with only Javascript validation

You: Are comfortable playing around with linux commands, know how to
use the console to export from SVN to a live installation, and have
configured vhost containers while logged in via ssh

You: Have learned the in's and out's of semantic CSS but you're not
afraid to add an extra "hr" or "br" to make the layout work; you know
tables are only for tabular data and you hate when they're used

You: Know all the workarounds to make IE6 behave - styles, png display
- but you still hate IE6 with a passion

You: Have respect for JQuery and use it to enhance - not replace -
user experience; your websites are fully functional with Javascript

You: Realize that a UI that makes sense to a programmer may be
confusing to a non-techie

You: Know how to use effectively search online for a solution to your
coding problem

We want to work with you...

We are a web solutions firm with a wide range of clients. Our projects
vary in size and complexity - from completely custom platforms to
Wordpress customizations. We stand by our code and our clients love us
for it.

Currently, we have a need for 30 hours / week of freelance work; most
of the code will be e-commerce related. Your role will be working with
both front and back-end code. Compensation depends on your experience,
your availability and where you will  be working from. Remote is ok,
but you must be able to work at least one day per week from our

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a short email
describing yourself with a few code samples attached.

Beatrice Weiss
bweiss at
(718) 838-9149 x 113

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