[nycphp-jobs] Google Checkout Developer

Jon Tascher jontas at
Mon Jul 19 23:08:56 EDT 2010


I'm looking for someone with experience implementing the Google checkout
API.  I've got an existing application (in php) using a custom
framework/cart and it already supports Paypal (both payflow pro and express
checkout).  I don't have the time to learn the google checkout API and the
client needs this ASAP.

I would provide you with a copy of the code with an empty function for where
the google checkout logic goes.  I will also be available on aim/gchat
during business hours to answer any questions you might have (I'm the
original dev).

The site only sells 1 product with a few different colors and the tax and
shipping rules are very simple.  I'm assuming this is not a huge project for
someone familiar with the API, so please give me some time estimates
(ballpark) and your hourly rate.


Jon Tascher
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