[nycphp-jobs] Looking Loyalist

Edward Prevost Me at
Thu May 6 22:53:40 EDT 2010

Looks like I will be making an entrance into the job market; which 
sucks... cause I'm diehard loyal... but that's another post.
So here is my shameless plug; Let me know if you need it in another format.

Skillset: Internet, Systems and Security
    CFML, PHP, Javascript, XML, Python, Ruby, VBScript, Bash
    Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, Bryce,
    Active Directoy, LDAP, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MSAccess,
    Apache, IIS, JRun, NginX, Tomcat, Lighty
    BackTrack, Metasploit, OWASP,
    Linux, Windows, Unix, Solaris,
    Sonicwall, Nexenta, Dell, Cisco

Industry Knowledge:
    Medical (Academic and Clinical), Marketing (Direct, Digital, 
Internet and Community), Gaming (Theory, Reward Systems and Balancing)

Examples of PUBLIC work:

Examples of Private Work:
   Ticketing System (think eventum-like; CFML, AJAX, Oracle);
   Several Process Management Systems (Python, C, Ruby, Java, VB, 
Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, CFML, PHP);;;
   Medical School Application (Incredibly Detailed, more than I ever 
knew) (CFML, MSSQL, VBScripts
   Email Campaign Management Systems (PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Python, Ruby, XML);
   Document Management (CFML, Oracle, AJAX)
   Data Cube and Marketing Analytics, On-Demand (CFML, AJAX, Python, Sun 
Grid Engine; Sun Grid Engine is AWESOME)
   Secure Password Catalog (Python, GTK)
   A Digital Marketing Revolution, Browser Fingerprinting (PHP, 
Javascript, Actionscript, Nginx, PHP-FPM)
       I birthed this amazing system... and yet will apparently not be 
included in the profiting...

    me at

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