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Thu Oct 6 15:03:10 EDT 2011

We are looking for someone that is passionate about coding, and dreams in
code. We are an established multi-million dollar online store, and want to
add another developer to our team. The goal is to redevelop our website from
the ground up to prepare for further growth. However, we will also be doing
work on our current website as well. We are a small team, and work together
very closely. Much of the work will be done through telecommuting.


- Expert level understanding of PHP and MySQL
- Strong experience working on an e-commerce site
- Strong experience of website security (user authentitication, SSL, session
hijacking, etc)
- Good communication skills

Not quite requirements, but big pluses:

- Knowledge of front-end scripting, mark-up and style-sheet languages,
including Javascript, HTML, and CSS
- 3+ years of working with an e-commerce site
- Experience managing a LAMP environment (Working knowledge of Nginx another
- Experience developing payment gateways
- Experience with Zen Cart
- SEO optimization


- Great starting salary of 40k - 65k
- Much of the work will be done through telecommuting. We might consider
full-time telecommuting opportunities for exceptional developers (for
instance, a great developer that lives out of state)
- Although we are an established company, our programming team still has the
feel of a startup. We are exclusively focused on good programming rather
than beaurocracy.

What you may find yourself working on:

- Error testing a php class (or maybe developing one from the ground up) to
determine shipping rates for products
- Create a php script which a sales person can upload a csv file to, extract
product and pricing information from the csv file, check the validity of the
products against an existing database, then save the information in a
database that you would create
- Modify the functionality on our website's shopping cart to add a
promotional product depending upon the products already in the cart (the
site is coded in PHP)
- Create a payment gateway to interface with an online payment processor
such as PayPal or Google Checkout.
- Create a database to store product information, and a PHP class to pull
that information according to given parameters (only products in a certain
category, in a given price range, etc)
- Create a user registration system as well as the database to store the
credentials in a secure manner, a password retrieval system, and an
authentication system for validating logins.

If you have a portfolio of work that you can show us, please send it in with
your initial resume. If you can give us access to a usable version of
something you have created it would be great, but a good description of the
project(s) would also suffice. One of the best gauges of your skills is to
understand what you have worked on already.
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