[joomla] Splash page

Hans Kaspersetz lamolist at
Tue Jan 24 16:56:32 EST 2006

Not to complicate things too much but we have a couple of Mambo sites 
that require being logged in before viewing any content.  We actually 
create a login.php script and redirect non logged in users to the 
login.php script from Joomla's index.php.

In other cases we use Joomla's session handling to check if someone has 
been to a page on this visit or in the past and redirect them to the 
landing we want them on.  You can use either approach instead of using 
index.html.  The other nice thing is you can add logic in Joomla's 
index.php to do things like record the fact that someone has visited a 
page and not redirect them.

But this all means hacking Joomla stuff and might be to much work.


Graham Spice wrote:

>I generally try to persuade clients not to use a splash page. If that 
>doesn't work, I create it as index.html and most hosts are setup to 
>serve that page first before index.php. The .htaccess takes care of this.

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