[joomla] Dev issues

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Wed Aug 15 04:54:33 EDT 2007

Ben Hornedo wrote:
> There is a new Forum on the Joomla site specifically for developers who are
> starting to code for Joomla called Joomla coding 101. 
> Lot's of people willing to help.

I get the impression that the people on that forum are really interested 
in discussing 1.5, not 1.0.x

Don't get me wrong, 1.5 is a massive leap forward in terms of making 
Joomla developer friendly, so I can see why a lot of people are jumping 

But I tend towards cautiousness, 1.0.12 works and is well supported.  I 
see no reason to upgrade until the 3rd party extentions are there for it.

However, that does lead to a problem as the tips exchanged for 1.5 won't 
work for 1.0.12  - and writing code in a 1.0.x format for 1.5 is a 
monumental waste of time.

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