[joomla] Where to post new extentions?

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Wed Aug 15 16:49:33 EDT 2007

Mitch Pirtle wrote:
> On 8/15/07, Gary Mort <bz-gmort at> wrote:
>> I'm just curious, what are the good places to post news about new
>> components?
> If you host your development on JoomlaCode, you can make an
> announcement there, as well as making an announcement on the Joomla
> News site, the Joomla Extensions Directory, and (depending on your
> license) the Joomla forums.

Anything I do is built on the works of others, so it's GPL, I don't see
a reason to change the license.  At the most, I will license some of it
as LGPL just because it makes since and it will surely irritate some
people who have a different opinion than me about how the GPL license
works. :-)

However, I won't host development on Joomlacode.  I take certain aspects
of the GPL seriously, wheras most developers don't, and for me an
anonymouse download such as Jomlacode is an unacceptable moral burden.
And Joomla has this whole bug up their tush about trying to define what
is commercial and what is not, what is open and what is closed.  I'd
rather just avoid the whole thing and do things my way. :-)

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