[joomla] Forum email notifications -- hosting limits on emails

Gary Mort bz-gmort at
Sun Dec 9 22:03:17 EST 2007

Donna Marie Vincent wrote:
> What I'm wondering is, can you run a community website on a shared 
> hosting account, with a forum, PM system with email notifications, the 
> usual admin notifications (acct signup, lost password, etc.) contact 
> forms, etc. 
> Even if you only have a few hundred members, all these various email 
> notifications can add up.

Well, the only limit I really see there is the 200 per hour.  The 1 per 
6 seconds was for mailling lists, which PM notifications are not.

I've honestly never heard of such low limits.

One option is to switch from using sendmail/local email to SMTP 
authenticated mail(I beleive Joomla supports this) and use a Virtual 
Private Server to filter all your outgoing email through.  For 20$ a 
month you could setup a dedicated server just for email traffic and tune 
the heck out of it.

Every now and then I consider setting one up mainly for incoming to run 
Maia or some other spamcatcher, but it works for outgoing as well.

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