[joomla] Re: Joomla questions

Andrew Markushin scullion at
Wed Apr 23 16:39:50 EDT 2008

Mark Simko wrote:
> How about 3 different installs, but share the same database with the
> same table prefix. The default is jos_. This way, any material you add
> to one 'site' will be available in the others. You may have to share the
> same template, but if you use different templates with the same name,
> that may give you the variation in look that you need.

Thanks, Mark. The information on my sites is different, only the 
structure is very similar, so if I decide in favor of 3 different 
installations, I would also use 3 separate databases to be more flexible.

Speaking of templates: is it possible to slightly change the installed 
template dynamically depending on the requested "page"? For example 
(simplified), if a visitor goes to "books", there is a book image in the 
background, and on "cars" it's a car?


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