[joomla] Virtuemart -- anyone else having SERIOUS problems with it?!

Jeff Siegel jeff987654 at
Mon Nov 10 17:08:42 EST 2008

Unfortunately Virtuemart DOES have serious issues. For one project in particular we ended up spending a ton of hours to fix it.
We've been working with Magento. It's a great product IF (noticed that big IF!) you will basically use the features as-is and just need to reskin it. 
If you need to do some prepared for a steep learning curve and lots of complexity.

Jeff Siegel
Net at Work

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I'd consider taking this route:

-- Mitch, wondering what everyone else thinks

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 4:27 PM, Donna Marie Vincent
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> The "new" Virtuemart (1.1.x) seems to have some very SERIOUS problems -- such as I go to checkout, type in my bill-to/ship-to info, click "Continue" and the next page in the checkout process shows me someone else's account info!
> That's pretty serious.  One person checks out and someone else gets the bill/receipt.
> I'm looking at IXXO Cart which is expensive but I would expect that it works.
> Anyone have any experience or heard anything about IXXO Cart or the problems with Virtuemart?


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