[joomla] Automated backup of Joomla with the feature of JoomlaPack?

David A. Roth davidalanroth at
Fri Nov 14 02:34:28 EST 2008

I have a cron job on Linux that runs to do an external backup, and I would
like to include the functionality of JoomlaPack to do the same, but run
automatically without the need of an Admin. For those that don't know,, backups the entire Joomla web site and MySQL
database into a single restorable .zip file. It is also a good utility to
use if you want to make a backup for your Joomla development before you try
out something new on it.
Anyone have suggestions? Or are people simply doing a tar and a MySQL dump
for script run backups of Joomla? Thanks!

David Roth
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