[joomla] Columns in user3?

Leam Hall leam at
Sun Nov 23 18:38:50 EST 2008

Okay, next menu question. I have 4 "Sections" and want to list the main
menu in user3, the bar on top. That part works, but when I add what
should be a drop down or vertical list item under a Section they crowd
the Section items. 

Under "Menu Item Manager" -> "mainmenu", the "Sections" are listed as
"Article >> Section/Blog". Each one has a few sub-headings, and each
sub-heading is "Articles >> Catagory/Blog". Click the sub-heading and
you get the articles and the menu of related links.

Make sense? I've been playing with the new site for a few hours and
might be a bit wonkier than I thought.  :)


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