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Laura Gordon li_gordon at
Fri Aug 14 09:15:50 EDT 2009

Can anyone recommend a good Contact Manager?

I need one with Captcha, a Form to fill out (instead of via email link), and a good text editing/viewing area for the person's bio...I want to use this for a staff of a synagogue, so the bios of the staff is in the same place as the contact info for that staff member...seems easy enough, right?

I have tried:
Core Contact
The misc. field doesn't display very nicely, there is no captcha by default...

Pros: has captcha, form, custom fields
Cons: The 'misc.' field or where I would put the bio looks awful...

This looks GREAT, but the cons is that there is no form (just a link to an email address).

I will only have about 3 categories, each having 5-10 entries, so I don't need a tool as robust as mosetstree...or something like that...I think the combination of QPersonnel along with QContact would be perfect...any ideas?


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