[joomla] instruction to hack?

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> Now I am trying to get another component working. It is in a beta version now, and before it can work I need to perform 2 hacks.
> 1)
> open the file ps_checkout.php, located at:
> /your_site_root/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/ps_checkout.php
> Then add some code. 
> 2) Open the index.php of your Joomla! template probably located at:
> /your_site_root/templates/your_default_template/index.php
> My question is: Can I work this in joomla setting or do I have to use some other program (e.g., dreamweaver?) that can read/edit .php?
> many thanks.

You are up and hosted on 1&1, so you'll need to download the files to
local, change them, and upload them again to the right place.

I found that filezilla works fairly well for ftp. I have found, though,
that sometimes you have to actually delete the file on the server before
uploading the changed file. Strange behavior and I don't know if that
was a filezilla issue or a 1&1 issue.

What did you use to upload the files the first time

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