[joomla] Truly Stumped

Scott Wolpow scott at
Thu May 28 10:50:27 EDT 2009

I am using Rocket Theme Firenze template on this site. Only colors have 
been modified. Joomla is 1.5
When using IE 7.0 the hand cursor changes to the I-beam on the words in 
the menu, but not on the graphics. I need to have the hand the whole 
time. This does not occur in FF or Safari.
If you look at the same template on Rocket theme, there is no issue.
I did a CSS comparison to the Rocket theme demo and I see no changes.
Then again I may be just missing the obvious as I have been staring at 
code for the last two weeks.

FYI Do not try and work on Magento and Joomla the same time, you will 
lose your sanity. LOL

*Scott Wolpow*

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