[joomla] Linkable Carousels?

Fred Sullivan fred at
Mon Mar 1 10:50:19 EST 2010

JoomlaJunke SuperSlider V1.0 (for Joomla!
module will show images, show thumbnails, Display title and caption in an
overlay and allow linking. It does not have an autoplay. YooCarousel
configuration question
I was testing out YooCarousel and it seems like I can link from the content
items out to pages. I was wondering if there is a way to configure it with
out modifying the code to work like the JoomlaJunkie Super slider to advance
the slide when clicking on the menu item in the control surface,  but also
on click go to same link as the content link e.g. if I put just one big
linked image in the content area using the plain list setting.

Fred Sullivan,
Open Venture Society
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