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How about getting back to basics with Ruthsarian's Skidoo Too:

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Anyone else getting  little overwhelmed by these new "frameworks" for templates? 

For some of them, you can't just go and edit the index.php file anymore in the template directory, you have to trackI

I'm starting to lean to the point of wanting to set up a simplified "template" without all the fancy features.

Of course then my mind goes off on all sorts of tangents and what was a simple idea becomes complicated with thoughts of:

Following a Vertical Spacing philosophy:

Using CSS sprites:
And of course, using Base64 data uri for said sprite. :-)
Which means supporting a tool to build said CSS sprites when people want to change them!

And of course, junking 90% of the  IE6/7 hacks and using pure CSS for most design issues[does one REALLY need to make sure rounded corners works onIE6 using javascript?  Just let it devolve gracefully to a square box there].

So then simple becomes not so simple and I'm back off to the races of complex design for no real gain.  *sigh*  KISS is really hard when you keep falling into the trap of that last S.
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