[joomla] reconnect to mysql database

Donna Marie Vincent donnamarievincent at
Wed Oct 6 08:18:50 EDT 2010

In "configuration.php", you can set the db name, db password and db username.  
Set it to the database used for the previous install, assuming you still have 
that info.  That info would be in the configuration.php file of the previous 

If you don't have that info, you can open your webhosting control panel and 
create another username and password for that database.

From: Paul Elliott <joomlanyc at>
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Sent: Wed, October 6, 2010 8:08:57 AM
Subject: [joomla] reconnect to mysql database

I am trying to connect a new joomla installation to the mysql database of a 
previous install.
The install was successful but i don't see any of the original data after.
I even dragged content (i.e.- components, images, modules, plugins, admin, etc.) 
from the previous install via ftp and none of it shows up.
Does anyone know how to connect to the content in the previous installs mysql 
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