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Ellen Rothwax ellen.rothwax at
Mon Oct 18 14:28:39 EDT 2010

This is mostly a css issue, but it is a Joomla site so it isn't
straight forward for me. It is a browser inconsistency, but i don't
know how to correct it and I was hoping someone can help. In Firefox,
it looks the way I want it to. In IE8, it is totally off. The link is The navigation should be to the left of,
but tucked under, the logo a bit, with the list going horizontally. In
IE it is vertically across, and the text is below instead of to the
left of the navigation.
When I strip out any Joomla code, the css works as expected in both Firefox
and IE !?!
An insight would be helpful.

Ellen Rothwax
Web Design and Development
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