[joomla] question about hosting and maintaining sites

Sue Sours ssours at
Fri Dec 2 11:51:22 EST 2011

Hi all,

I've got 4 Joomla sites, of medium-complexity that I'm maintaining and
doing Joomla upgrades. Code is basically the same on the 4 sites. I've been
doing the system maintainance, development, and content updates myself for
a few years but now I'd like to hire a person/company to take this over. We
would continue doing template changes and content changes in-house. I work
for a research center with a small budget. What recommendations do you
have? How much would you expect to pay for this service? Is there anyone on
this list with the capacity to handle this work?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sue Sours
WCW Information & Technology Systems Manager
Wellesley Centers for Women
e-mail: ssours at   phone: 781-283-2560
Wellesley College   106 Central Street   Wellesley, MA 02481
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