[joomla] SSH

Gary Mort garyamort at
Mon Dec 5 10:33:46 EST 2011

On 12/5/2011 10:21 AM, Larry Kluger wrote:
> Re an SSH installer:
> Hi Gary,
> If your goal is wide usage of your tool, then I'd recommend against 
> solely using ssh. -- Maybe use ssh as an alternative interface.

My goal is about half a dozen people so I don't face the mind suck of 
building a tool that only makes sense to myself.

Primarily though, it's a tool for my own use because jumping through the 
GUI install steps is tedious and boring.  I'd much rather run
"jconsole.phar -i /var/www/ -d joomladb -u dbuser -p 

And have it install everything and setup without doing the step by step 

Mind you, for others, remembering all that stuff[or looking it up each 
time] is more time consuming and tedious than using the web installation 
package - so that should still exist.

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