[joomla] CCK notes from Joomla NYC December Meeting

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Fri Dec 9 00:03:23 EST 2011


I want to thank everyone for showing up at tonight's Joomla Meet-Up.

I really thought that the meeting would not be well attended due to
Christmas and holiday parties, but it was a great crowd. Every seat was
filled. I am thinking 25 to 30 Joomla fanatics. The group has grown in the
past 12 months.

Hopefully, I will see everyone at the next meeting on Jan. 12, 2012.

As promised, here is the list of websites and contact information for K2
and the other Joomla CCKs that were shown.


Content Builder:



And the Mosets Tree directory component, which Donna Vincent and Laura
Gordon did a present job presenting, can be found at

I also want to point out that Fotis Evangelou of Joomla Works and the
developer of K2, has posted an excellent group of how-to K2 videos:

Happy Holidays and hope to see everyone in 2012.

Best regards,


Stephen Britton
Technology Consultant
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