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Stephen Britton sbritton at
Sat Dec 31 13:25:35 EST 2011

Hi Gang,

Our friend Hagen Graf - you may also remember him from Joomla Day NYC 2011
- has released a book, "Joomla! Development - A Beginner's Guide." And
right now the book is available for free as a PDF.

If you ever wanted to make a module, plug-in or component, this book will
give you a great overview and even if you do not want to become a Joomla
developer, this book is worth reading for a better understanding on how
Joomla works. I am not sure how long this book will be free so download it

I also came across another interesting read that is not about Joomla, but a
topic that you might be interested in - "9 Surprising New Facts About
Social Media in America."

All best,


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