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Hi David,


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Fitness is good way to spend non programming energy.


Best regards,



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Hi Gary.

After doing a bunch of Joomla installs, I remembered your post from last
December. I was wondering, if you have pursued the development of this idea
any further? If so, I'd be interested in checking it out!


Best regards,


David Roth


On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Gary Mort <garyamort at> wrote:

I'm curious to how many people here are familiar with using SSH and running
commands from the linux command line?

I'm working on putting together a CLI Joomla Installer similiar to Drupal's
"drush" - which can install Joomla! into a folder, upgrade modules, etc from
the command line - and I'm curious if there are enough people familiar
enough with running from the linux command line on this list, and
interested, to play around/test it.


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