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M Konop mkonop at
Mon May 7 09:07:51 EDT 2012

Just a reminder that our Joomla NYC Users Group monthly meeting is this
Thursday, May 10th at 6:30pm.

Presentations this month include *
Peter Laudati: *Developer evangelist with Microsoft and a huge supporter of
Joomla and Joomla NYC. Joomla integration with Microsoft products,
including MS SQL.
*Scott Wolpow: *An overview of RedSHOP, a popular e-commerce component from

: 6:30-8:30, 146 West 65th Street. Enter through the Lincoln Center Theater
marquee located on the south side of 65th street, between Broadway and
Amsterdam. Walk  towards the end of the hall and will see a road leading to
a drop-off area. Once you get to this road, make a left and then another
left on the glass doors of the office building (there is a sign on the wall
next to the door, which has the address listed). The doors are locked, and
the guard in the traffic circle will buzz you in.

Marian Konop
Gotham Websites
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