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If you have some time, check out Kyle Ledbetter's Joomla 3.0 presentation
that he gave at last weeks' "J and Beyond" conference.

Lots of things to be happy about. (That is, if everything in this
presentation finds its way into Joomla 3.0)

As Matt Thomas told us earlier this month, Joomla is going to use the
Twitter Bootstrap framework. This is great because a lot of developers and
companies are already using Bootstrap. Now that it will be shipping with
Joomla, they will more likely consider Joomla because they are already
using Bootstrap. (FYI: Bootstrap is a responsive CSS/HTML/jQuery framework
developed by the UI folks at Twitter. It was originally developed for use
with Twitter's in-house projects, and they decided to share it with the
world. )

Another great development is Joomla 3.0 is going to be jQuery friendly.
This is fantastic because Joomla's current javascript library, MooTools is
not well supported and used as jQuery. There are far more jQuery
developers, plus jQuery has better backward compatibility than MooTools. I
am sure that MooTools will continue to ship with Joomla, but only used in
the back end.

Improved admin back end design. Let's face it, Joomla's current and
previous back-ends are not nearly as pretty and user-friendly as the one
that ships with WordPress, but Kyle has done an amazing job cleaning it up
and making it more user friendly. I have been told by more than one user
that Joomla's back-end can be intimidating. I was impressed by the new
back-end design in Kyle's slides.

Kyle has also done an amazing job designing the Joomla responsive (mobile)
template which is based on Bootstrap.

We are very lucky to have Kyle working on Joomla. I have been using his
AdminPraise and ProjectFork templates for years and it is great that he is
using his amazing talents to improve Joomla core. I met Kyle and his wife
at Joomla Day NYC 2011. He is super friendly and he loved his first trip to

Hopefully, we can bring him back this year.

All best,


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