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Hi Kirill,


Could you please tell me at what number I can call you, I have tried to find
over the net

Contact phone but with no access. I would like to present my team, for
Joomla projects.

I personal think phone contact is best than simple email communication.


Best Regards,



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Hello everyone,


Can anyone recommend a graphic designer, hopefully who is familiar with






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I have done that but used different menu modules - this way you can control
position, font, color.   This way you can have Help, Contact on the right in
small font and the main menu on the left  in bigger font.  

It is a tricky configuration.  


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Is adding multiple menus to a single module position an "ok" thing to do?
Or will I cause myself grief as I build out the site?  
What about adding 2 different menus to the exact same place in a module,
each menu will show only on selected pages?
Can that work?  Or am I setting myself up for a train wreck?

Also, what tools do folks use for testing multiple browsers?

Thanks in advance for the advice.
Janet Sullivan
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