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Ellen Rothwax ellen.rothwax at
Mon Nov 5 16:52:32 EST 2012

Hi Everyone,
I recently decided I needed to change hosts and decided to go with a
sponsor of JoomlaDayNYC, Bluehost. I reluctantly signed up as a reseller
since I was acting as a liason between my clients and host anyway. Well, it
feels overwhelming to me and I was wondering if there is anyone in the
group who is also a reseller and can help me understand some of the
reseller features, especially the ClientExec billing feature. Looking for a
mentor who can show me the ropes.

I plan to be at the next meeting, weather permitting, and can come in early
to meet.


Ellen Rothwax
Web Design and Development
*Don’t say you can’t afford a website. . .you can’t afford not to have one.
*(P) 203 572-5756*
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