[nycphp-talk] PHP Object handling. A rant.

Hans Zaunere zaunere at
Sun Jun 2 14:42:22 EDT 2002

--- Jerry Kapron <jkapron at> wrote:
> Is it really that bad? ->

Hardly.  A rant is just that; a rant - and usually overkill (I recently
sent a rant to the editors of the email RFCS - when I read what I wrote
the next day, I felt a *little* bad).

Anyway, rather than picking apart the rant (which way be an interesting
course of dicussion on the wiki - yes, it's stable, but slow), I can
only stress one thing, concerning OO in PHP.

PHP is not an OO language.  For the 100% anal-retentiveness that is
true OOP, you'll need Java or C# (I don't even think C++ is considered
kosher in this respect).  That said, OO is really a state of
organization and mind.  I've seen OO code in pure C.  To boot, PHP does
a nice job of bringing some of the fundementals of OO to help you in
this organization.

RantyDave probably wasn't using a modern version of PHP at the time,
and, a modern brain for problem solving (this line sums it up: "...and
would far rather return a blank result than kick you in the head for
not knowing what you're doing.")

You have to be smarter than the computer, RantyDave.


Hans Z.

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