[nycphp-talk] strange ifconfig error message

Hans Zaunere zaunere at
Tue Jun 4 18:46:06 EDT 2002

And it works properly afterwords?  Seems like a driver bug.  If you
can, cycle the interface down/up and try again.  Or reboot/ensure your
hardware is good/exactly correct driver version for chipset.  I always
use the full netmask [] but that shouldn't really make a


--- Jim Suto <jim at> wrote:
> Can anyone explain why this happens:
> [root at reddy root]# ifconfig eth0:1
> SIOCSIFNETMASK: Cannot assign requested address
> [root at reddy root]# ifconfig eth0:1
> [root at reddy root]#
> If you notice, the second command is exactly the same as the first
> (up-arrow) and the second time it takes and properly assigns the IP
> address
> with no error.  Why not the first time?
> Jim

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