receiving params passed from one webpage to another

Michael Southwell southwell at
Wed Jun 5 23:12:23 EDT 2002

Here I am with another elementary question; sorry about that.

I'm trying to pass parameters from one webpage to another.  So
I have something like this in the first one:
please help by <a href="browform.php?brow=<?php echo "$brow"; ?>">letting 
us know</a>
I can tell by the url that the parameter is being sent correctly.

Then in browform I have (for testing purposes)
<?php echo "$brow"; ?>
But this gives me the notice that "brow is an undefined variable."  So the 
is that browform isn't receiving the parameter.

I'm sure there's some very simple answer to this (I have this
kind of thing working perfectly elsewhere in a POST), but right now I'm 
Can somebody help?  Thanks in advance.

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