WebObjects-like system

Benjamin Stiglitz ben at
Sun Jun 9 21:18:31 EDT 2002

Hi everyone. <waves> I'm new to the group, just discovered through

This is a sort of survey (sorry, being commercial, but business is the 
nature of...I'll shut up now). Has anyone here worked with Apple/NeXT's 
WebObjects, and if so, would you be interested in seeing a framework for 
PHP app development somewhat like it? Elaborating, what features would 
you like to see for PHP that WebObjects in Java does not provide?

My company is developing such a system for internal use—it has already 
helped us greatly accelerate application development time—and we've 
thought of licensing it to other companies. We'd be willing to do a 
technology demo, both/either online and/or at a meeting. (Speaking of 
which, where are the time/dates for those posted?)

Hope some of you are interested! I look forward to your responses.

Thank you,
Benjamin Stiglitz
ben at

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