[nycphp-talk] WebObjects-like system

Hans Zaunere zaunere at
Mon Jun 10 10:32:53 EDT 2002

Not speaking for everyone, but I would be very interested, especially
since I'm writing what seems to be some similar systems (in PHP).  I've
never used WebObjects myself, however I seem to remember some people
that have (anyone?).

Meetings are the 4th Wed. of the month (details at 
Contact me off list (zaunere at if you'd like to present at one
of our meetings and/or give an online presentation.


--- Benjamin Stiglitz <ben at> wrote:
> Hi everyone. <waves> I'm new to the group, just discovered through 
> This is a sort of survey (sorry, being commercial, but business is
> the 
> nature of...I'll shut up now). Has anyone here worked with
> Apple/NeXT's 
> WebObjects, and if so, would you be interested in seeing a framework
> for 
> PHP app development somewhat like it? Elaborating, what features
> would 
> you like to see for PHP that WebObjects in Java does not provide?
> My company is developing such a system for internal use—it has
> already 
> helped us greatly accelerate application development time—and we've 
> thought of licensing it to other companies. We'd be willing to do a 
> technology demo, both/either online and/or at a meeting. (Speaking of
> which, where are the time/dates for those posted?)
> Hope some of you are interested! I look forward to your responses.
> Thank you,
> Benjamin Stiglitz
> Tanjero
> ben at

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