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just was looking at some verisign info and found this list of certificates
impressive- guess you get your money's worth! i think with Verisign the
additional money is related to the value of the reputation.  There is
extensive backround checks etc with signing with Verisign because they only
want to maintain their reputation.

Managed PKI for SSL - Supported Servers

Advanced Businesslink Ingrian Networks Quarterdeck/StarNine
AliBaba (WarpGroup) Intel Red Hat
AOL/Navisoft Internet Factory r3
Apache Freeware with SSLeay iPlanet Radnet
Aventail Iserver Roxen
BEA WebLogic JavaSoft s2
Backweb Lotus SilverStream Software
Beyond Software Luckman Silver Stream
Brokat Marimba Sirius Software
C2Net Apache SSL-US Microsoft Sonic WALL
Cacheflow Microsoft FrontPage 98 Sterling Software
Compaq Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Stronghold (C2Net)
Compuserve/Spry Mirapoint Sun Microsystems
Connect - OneServer Mitem Tandem
Consensus Nanoteq Tektonic
Control Data Systems NetCentric Tempest Software
Covalent Netscape Tenon (WebTen)
Dascom Netscreen Transarc
F5 Netscape Merchant Thawte Consulting
Frontier Technologies Nokia Unify
FTP Software Novell Unisys
GLACI OpenConnect Systems Unwired Planet
Gradient Open Market Velocity Software
Hummingbird Oracle Volera
IBM O'Reilly & Associates Wall Data
I/NET Preview Software WebMethods
Information Builders Process Software WebSTAR
Information Hyperlink Purveyor Zeus
    V1 Server

Managed PKI for SSL - Premium Edition(aka Global Server Certificate
128-bit )

AOL Intel Silver Stream
Apache iPlanet Sonic WALL
Aventail Lotus O'Reilly WebSite 2.5
BEA WebLogic Microsoft (or higher)
C2Net Stronghold Microsoft FrontPage 98 Red Hat
Cacheflow Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Tandem
Compaq Mirapoint Velocity Software
Covalent Nanoteq WebMethods
F5 Netscape Zeus
Hummingbird Netscreen
Ingrian Networks

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> What are the ramifications of using an SSL certificate that costs $49/year
> versus Verisign's $600-800 certs?
> Jim M

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