[nycphp-talk] Encrypt info in an email

John Ensign dev at
Wed Jun 12 17:41:14 EDT 2002

I would use PGP, odds are client is on win, and he/she can install a ns
pretty outlook integrated pgp client right into the mail client to auto
decrypt.  As for encrypting the original mail on the server, here is a link
with source.

As well, the book "Web Application Developement with PHP" by Rathskiller,
has a fully worked PGP class.... code is clean, tight, and understandable to
boot. )

Hope this helps.....


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What options are good if I want to encrypt just some information sent in an

For example, let's say I send an order from a website to the store owner,
how can I scramble the credit card in a way that the owner can descramble it
when he/she receives it.

Any ideas?

Jim M

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