[nycphp-talk] apache log file utilities

Andrew M. Yochum andrew at
Tue Jun 18 16:39:52 EDT 2002

Hi Ian,

Have a look at logrotate.  Its a pretty standard way of cycling out old log
files after a given amount of time.  The idea is that you keep somthing like
4 weeks of data, and every week they get rotated to the next number so you
get files like

access_log   -> current log
access_log.1 -> last weeks
access_log.2 -> 2 weeks ago
access_log.3 -> 3 weeks ago
access_log.4 -> 4 weeks ago

After a log file goes beyond your maximum number to hold, it gets dumped.

There are options to gzip past log files to save on space, too.  Keeps those
nasty files from filling up your var partition too fast.

Hope that helps.


On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Ian Forsyth wrote:

> Hi,
> does any one know of some sort of log file miniturizer? I was just wondering
> if someone has already written something that allows one to delete traffic
> by date.. ?

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