[nycphp-talk] session problem

George Herson gherson at
Wed Jun 19 11:43:54 EDT 2002

Never mind :)  The problem was my
session.referer_check     = 1
setting in php.ini.

PHP considers one of my own domains foreign and was killing the session for that 
reason (without mentioning this in the php error log, though i did get a few 
"PHP Warning:  Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the 
current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in Unknown on line 0").

Wow this stuff can be time-consuming.


George Herson wrote:
> The last attempt obviously got cut off (where i had three dots, one per line) so 
> resending...
> When i click an <a> link to move to another page on my site, a new session is
> being created, and i don't know why.  (I've had sessions working before, even in
> this program that's now giving me problems.) On the page the click brings me to,
> $PHPSESSID's value is predefined to the original session id, so PHP remembers
> its value.  But when i re-start the session, PHP creates a new session with a
> new id, and any variables registered to the session are forgotten.
> I've tried manually assigning this session id to the session, as shown below,
> but still, as soon as I call session_start() a new session is created.  What am
> i doing wrong?
> <snip>

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