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Thu Jun 20 16:09:16 EDT 2002

Not sure if this would help but it's increased my CPU performance.  Try PHP

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Zeus has a product that aint open source but it is software based:

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> I'm using Cisco Local Director now.  It doesn't serve my purpose.
> There new
> product CSS will not achieve what I am looking to do either.  However,
> it
> does have a feature that allow me to write customize Perl script to
> monitor
> the performance on my server farm.  I feel that spending $$$ on such
> feature
> is a waste of money.  May be there is an open source software that
> enable me
> to do this. Does anybody know of any load balancer software?  I need
> an LB
> that can load balance services and threads (and CPU time if possible)
> on my
> servers.

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